New Web Site!

If you’ve managed to find yourself to my humble little blog then I need to let you know (as I thought this blog went away) that I have a new web site with a new blog.  Please check it out and bookmark it!

There’s been a ton of fun and exciting things going on (The Blue Lagoon is finished and I’ve donated it to the Strike Out Sarcoma Auction which you can find on Facebook  did that work??) and I’m ready to share all!

~ h


The Blue Lagoon

First of all, I’ve not been at the hand applique so nothing new there.  Although it’s probably a welcome relief for you.   I was thinking of the horror of Part 4, Part 5…Part 75…Part 105…  How horrible for you!  I won’t post about it every couple inches.

The Blue Lagoon ~ Rows 1 through 3

So here’s the first three rows of The Blue Lagoon.  I’m very pleased with the results!  Unfortunately, the quilt is so long and the room is so dark and, well, this is the best I could do.  Oh well…I think you get the idea.

The Blue Lagoon Close-Up

The background is all white.  The blues, however, are 40 different blue 2 1/2″ strips.  The effect is dynamic and I’m excited to see the completed top.  Oooo…and to get it quilted!  It’s going to be amazing!

Family Crest or I’m Crazy ~ Part 3

One day soon, I’m going to forget the title or get my “part” out of sequence.  If so please feel free to correct me!

The stitching is coming along.  Tonight, though, my husband and I decided to look for a reasonably priced hotel or B&B for a weekend so I ditched the applique.  I think it’ll be okay!

Family Crest ~ Part 3

So here it is, my friends.  What do you think??  It’s pretty amazing that I’ve gotten this far in a reasonably short amount of time.  About four hours down.  Okay, so four hours down and I’ve got about…well, we won’t be thinking about that now will we?!  ;o)

Up Close of Applique

Okay…so one little funny bump on the flat edge of the shield but that’s okay.  It could’ve been worse!

Well, then…more tomorrow!

Family Crest or I’m Crazy ~ Part 2

Maybe this project will compel me to blog daily.  As I’ve been working consistently on this project for four days now (only one of which is actual stitching) I’m not doing too badly.  And I got more accomplished last night than originally anticipated.

Family Crest ~ Black Crest on White Background

I can’t believe I’ve gotten as far as I have!  The thread I am using is by Aurifil and is working like an absolute dream.  It is really fine but sturdy.

Work Completed

I’ve got to tell you those little corners are killing me!  However, the more I do the better I got.  Really looking forward to the long lines of the shield.

Let me give you an idea of how much is to be done.  Once the black is down I’ve got purple accents to put in the swirls on the sides of the shield, gold on the shield, a grey helmet and, of course, a dog with a leash over the flat bit at the top of the crest.  Let’s see if I can get a photo of the crest…

Barnes Family Crest

There you go!  I actually did it!!  So yeah…that’s how much work is to go.  And I just realized there’s a big white spot I forgot.  Hmmm…well, isn’t that going to be interesting??

“The Family Crest” or “I’m Crazy”

Like the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.  Each show had two titles.  So does this blog.  I’ve taken a total of, oh, one hand applique class.  The results of which can be found on this blog.  They are the three quilts with four hearts on each.  Kind of a pinwheel type of quilt.  At any rate, there you go.

Last February from dear old Grandpa got married to our lovely Pat.  (She really is lovely!)  At any rate, this summer she called me and asked if I could make a wall hanging for them.  “Sure!” I replied.  I got the picture.  There’s a plate with the Barnes family crest on it.  She had scanned it in and sent it to me via Facebook.

It took me a few months to work out how I was going to get it to fit on a piece of fabric 30″ x 30″.  My concern was this:  the picture was poor as the picture was on a plate and the plate didn’t lay flat on the scanner.  All the lines were fuzzy at best.  Blowing it up wouldn’t have done the picture justice.

I whipped out a piece of tracing paper then pretty much guessed where the lines were to be drawn.  Then took my little drawing to Staples where they spent a grueling half hour blowing it up.  Then I traced it again onto wax paper.  This is what I’ve got so far…

Barnes Familly Crest ~ Step 1

I will then do a rough cut and put it onto my white background and hand applique it down.  Then I’ll add the purple parts…

Barnes Family Crest ~ Purple Parts

Then the gold, which I do not have ready for pictures yet, will go down.  There will be some parts that I will have to embroider (really??  I haven’t embroidered since I was a child!) some lines and such.

See…where my second title comes in?  It will, though, be stunning when it’s done.  That is, stunning if I don’t screw it up…here’s to hoping!

Who Loves Blue??

Ooh!  Ooh!  Pick me, pick me!  I love blue!!

My Blue Four Patches

Aren’t they gorgeous?  This is for my Strip Club at The Wild Rose.  I’m not going to tell you the name of the quilt until it’s done but I’ve got to tell you, it’s going to be gorgeous.

First Set of 5

They are so yummy I can barely stand it.  Here’s another pic…

Four Sets of Patches

Don’t you just want them??  I think I’m going to have to get all those fabrics out again and have them cut more because they are simply delicious and they are going to be gone once the quilt is up and hanging.

If you are interested, call them and bug them!  Tell them, “Heather sent me!”

When It Just Doesn’t Turn Out Right

Darn it.  I hate it when that happens.  When you have such high hopes for a quilt but it doesn’t turn out quite right and you can’t see it until you are nearly finished.

I was on a time crunch of sorts and the quilt was for the shop, not for me, which makes it very different.  If it been for me or a gift I was giving away I would’ve taken it apart and changed a few fabrics.  But, alas…

Ugly Quilt

The fabrics all on their own are quite beautiful and, with the exception of the stripe, are all from the same line.  However, I should’ve left the black out.  Either that or placed them better, probably should’ve had one more square, and made one of the borders black to tie it in.

But now it’s hanging in the shop! (argh!)  A constant memory that it just didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.  Oh well!

But it brings me to the next two quilts I’m working on…