Western Washington Shop Hop 2005 Quilt

There’s these projects that sit on a shelf, in a box or shoved into the back of a drawer because you are stuck.  So stuck, in fact, that you simply don’t know what to do next or you hate the project or you’re just not interested.

My friend went on the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop with her mom in 2005.  She collected several of the blocks then started putting them together.  But then a block happened that had indecipherable instructions.  She got stuck.

Now, my friend and I weren’t actually friends in 2005.  We didn’t actually meet until early 2008.  These blocks were in a drawer for nearly three years.  I encouraged her to pull the blocks out and finish it.  There’s little more rewarding than a finished project.

And she did.  But then she gave it to me.  That was last summer.

Normally I quilt quickly, finishing my customers projects in less than a week, sometimes even in a couple of days.  The problem here was she wanted something different in each block and I simply didn’t have enough experience behind me to complete this project.

Yesterday I put the quilt on the machine and worked on it all day.  Here is the result:

Western Washington Shop Hop 2005 Quilt

Western Washington Shop Hop 2005 Quilt

The blocks I struggled with were the flying geese pinwheels and the house.  The others spoke to me, so to speak, even if it took me a few minutes to “hear” what they were saying!

Shibori Dragon Block ~ Shop Hop 2005

Shibori Dragon Block ~ Shop Hop 2005

Oh!  You can actually see the pebbles in this picture.  Originally I used a light lavender thread but was disappointed with the results.  After taking it all out (groan!) I replaced with yellow and voila!  Beautiful, isn’t it?

Bee in the Basket

Bee in the Basket

Can you find the bee?  I had fun with this little guy.  It’s supposed to look like he’s looking for the flowers but an empty basket is so unsatisfying!

I’m giving this quilt to my friend on Sunday.  She’s looking forward to seeing it nearly complete.  Now I’ll have to show her how to put binding on!

Another finished project…for both of us!


One response to “Western Washington Shop Hop 2005 Quilt

  1. Oh, Heather! The quilt looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so much for your time and efforts! It looks like it was worth the wait – I look forward to seeing it in person on Sunday. 🙂

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