My Stash ~ My Sewing Room

Okay…as far as The Stash goes, it’s not large at all.  A friend of mine recently told me that she has, conservatively, between $20,000 and $30,000 worth of fabric in her sewing room at home.  I started to think about it.

All the fabric is separated with patterns into plastic bags for individual projects.  Added to the fabric is the cost of the patterns and the plastic bags, which are then separated into totes.  Put the totes on shelves…and, oh my gosh…that’s a lot of money.

Heather's Sewing Room

Heather's Sewing Room

Here’s my collection of stuff.  One table, one bookshelf, one utility shelf, one rocking chair (given to me by my mom on the event of our second daughters birth), my longarm, sewing machine and a chair.  Throw in the odds and ends like iron, ironing board, patterns, thread…books…you get the picture…

The closet is the scary part.  I just added the aforementioned utility shelf but

Top Two Shelves

Top Two Shelves

it is difficult to keep everything organized with the massive roll of batting in the corner that is not pictured.  One shelf for batting?  Who said that was going to be enough?!?

The second shelf in this picture has miscellaneous fabric all over the shelf.  I was looking for something in my fabric box, which is in the next picture.

Third shelf ~ Project in a bin, Minky and my fabric box

Third shelf ~ Project in a bin, Minky and my fabric box

My husband once asked how much I spent on all that fabric.  I looked at him dumbfounded.  First of all, is a husband even allowed to ask a question like that?  Secondly, how am I supposed to know such a thing off the top of my head?  Thirdly, shouldn’t he be happy that I have projects for each item?

But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  Recently he’s started looking at

Batting ~ Rolled and Remnants

Batting ~ Rolled and Remnants

my stash in a different light.  He’s stopped asking questions like that (thank God!) but has started saying things like, “I know what you can make.”  (Oh no!)  That’s what the object made out of a Coke box is supposed to be.  I’ll get there eventually.  Hey, at least he’s trying!  That’s how I look at it.

My bookshelf with the "necessities".

My bookshelf with the "necessities".

The cornerstone of every great quilt-aholic is the collection of books, magazines, thread, and other assorted notions.  Amazing how it starts off as one or two books.  Then someone cleans something out and you get two more.  Then you discover something you’re very interested in and suddenly you get five more books.  A magazine here and a magazine there, everywhere a magazine.  Old McHeather had a farm…eieio!!

There you go, that’s a little glimpse at my sewing room.  It’s a little room so it doesn’t take very long.

One side note on things that comfort.  Goodness, over 12 years ago I went to the East Coast to be a nanny for the summer.  My aunt took me to all sorts of places that you’re supposed to see (New York, D.C.).  What impressed me the most was the feel of the places I visited.  You could feel the history.  The stories of the events that took place on the land I stood spoke to me.

Close to 9 years ago I started taking Swing Dance classes.  One reason was because I loved it but my Grandpa used to swing dance when he was young and just joined the Navy.

Quilting was something my great-grandma Maude used to do.  I now have three of the quilts that she made.  I’ll add pictures soon.

The rocking chair, as I stated earlier, came from my mom.  My dad gave it to her when I was born.  Then she gave it to me when our second was born.

I surround myself with history.  I am comforted by those who have gone before me, taking in their learning and understanding who they are and where they’ve come from.  I feel less alone.


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