American Flag Rag Quilt

Last May my dear old Granny passed away.  The anniversary of her passing is coming up soon.  I miss her so much.

She was the cleanest person I’ve ever known.  When we would visit she would follow us kids (there are four of us) around with a wet washcloth wiping counters, tables, fingers, faces…meanwhile saying, “I’m sorry.  Oh, I’m sorry.”  She worried about everything!

My favorite Grandma-thing was to send her emails.  I would send her stories about my darling girls.  She loved them.  She told me every single time, “I’ve printed that out and put it in the scrapbook.”  God only knows what she meant by “scrapbook”.  My aunts have been cleaning her house and haven’t come across any such thing.

Grandma was in the Navy after World War II before she married and started having children.  There are grand old pictures dressed in her Navy uniform standing in front of this building and that car.  That’s where she met my Grandpa.  She told me once how they met…let’s see if I’ve got the story right.  They met at a burger joint, or some such thing, when they were both stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The people there always called him Jay so my Grandma thought that was his name.  Well, it’s not.  His name is Richard.  My Mom was born in ’51 in Corpus Christi…

We all miss her so much.  There is a memorial service at the VA in Prescott, AZ.  I’ve made a quilt in memory of her, thanking them for the care they gave to her and a reminder to all that we love and appreciate how they’ve served our country valiantly.

Memorial Day is Monday, May 25th.  Please take the time to thank an American Hero near to you.  If you don’t know one then volunteer at a VA hospital, contact the USO or make a quilt (if you are a quilt maker) for American Hero Quilts or Quilts of Valor.

American Hero Quilts and Quilts of Valor are organizations that give quilts to our heroes returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, many of whom are injured.  It is a worthy cause that expresses love and touches with comfort.

And, if I might add, God bless the United States of America!

Granny's American Flag Scrap Quilt

Granny's American Flag Scrap Quilt


One response to “American Flag Rag Quilt

  1. nikkiinstitches

    I love hearing stories about Grandmothers. Mine, Annie, has a very special place in my heart as well. I, too, recently posted about her on my blog…
    I hope this weekend you think back on all the fond memories you have of her. I’m sure she would be proud of you.

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