Spring Cleaning

I wish I was in my sewing room.  But that too needs to be spring cleaned and my children’s clothes, at the moment, are taking a priority.  The weather is so iffy here in Washington.  First it’s raining, then it’s sunny.  Up until the middle of April we were even getting snow, which is ridiculous!  It is recommended that one does not do the official clothes change-over until the weather is closer to the warmer than the colder.  Difficult to know at times.  We’ve been having 70+ degree weather, interspersed between wet ones so it’s pretty safe to make the jump to warm weather clothes.

Today I pulled up from the basement four bins that are for clothes:  one for winter clothes, one for ‘too big’ clothes, one of clothes that people gave to me over the year and I had no where else to put them and then a fourth bin that had…I’m not sure…it was definitely clothes!

That, I tell you, is far too many articles of clothing for a family of four.  That doesn’t include the clothes in the girls dresser, in the laundry and in my room that I was getting ready to get onto Ebay.

They are really quite good to sit through the process.  Well, they have the fun part now don’t they?  Trying on this and that.  They get so excited!  My youngest cheered when I pulled out her Pooh Bear jammies.

It’s me who is not so good.  Peevish.  I get really peevish.  There so much and I get so overwhelmed.  It’s hard to keep track of who’s tried on what and where it went.  Which pile is for what…too small for Chloe, but too big for Abi, that for winter and this is for summer…ack, I hate the process.

I’m done keeping for keepings sake.  My four bins are down to two: One for winter stuff (mits, gloves, hats, snow bibs, coats, etc) and one for clothes which are too big.  That’s it…no more.

The girls and I went through all their drawers and weeded things down.  15 shirts  seems excessive, I know.  But it’s down from 29 (for one child!) so I feel better.

Where do all these clothes come from?!?  Great question!  Well, I tell someone, “Chloe needs sweatshirts.”  It’s usually an off-handed comment in the course of a conversation and the person produces all the sweatshirts their child doesn’t wear, only half of them are too big.

Then there’s the family.  My husbands family lives in Australia.  As a consequence they hardly ever, if at all, see the girls.  Usually for birthdays and holidays there are clothes.

Now all of these gestures are lovely…and sweet.  I’m not complaining about the gestures.  I so appreciate people thinking about us!  I think the complaint is mostly about myself.  It is hard to stay organized enough not to have to do a big spring clean every year!

There are 4 lots of girls clothes (sizes 3 through 7/8) on Ebay.  I’ve got a bag for goodwill and items to pass on to others.  If you know someone who is looking for such things, please let them know.  I’ve posted the link on the right hand side.  There’s some girls clothes, some women’s clothes (because I lost some weight and needed to make room) and Pampered Chef items (former consultant who, once again, had too much stuff).

All right, I’ve got a headache…time for some aspirin and play time with my girls.

Have a wonderful day!


2 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. I live in Northern Virginia, the weather sounds much the same as yours. Are you in DC or the state of Washington? Your comment bring back great memories of the days when I had young children. They are all now seniors. Life’s that way.

    • quiltingcomfort

      I was a nanny in New Jersey for a summer. The weather was close to the same although much more humid! I live in Washington State and have forgotten to make sure that part is known! When my quilting friends, many of whom have grown children, say, “Wait until they are eighteen!” I tell them, “No! Don’t say that! I’m not ready!” But when they’re pants fit at the beginning of winter and are two inches short by the end I have let it sink in they won’t be little forever. Thanks for stopping by!

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