Handprints in Quilting

Love this book!

Love this book!

If you haven’t picked up on it yet I have two daughters.  There’s endless reasons to have arts and crafts out.  They’re so creative that I don’t even have to suggest a project.  Usually they’ve got the recycle bin out, scissors in one hand and paper in the other, crayons and pens scattered all over the table.  A sticker is never far.

They love to paint too.  Because of this I started experimenting with paint…and little girls hand prints.  In a previous post I shared a box with a strawberry made out a hand print.  Here’s another hand print project.

Undersea Handprint Quilt

Undersea Handprint Quilt

The sad thing is, you can’t see the quilting very well.  I used Cindy’s Circle Template from Longarm University (I’ll put a link to the right) to make bubbles in the white and large circle templates for large bubbles where the kids pictures are in the border.  Okay…for the cute animals:



Isn’t that adoreable?  Okay…here’s another…

Octopus (You can see the bubbles)

Octopus (You can see the bubbles)

Here’s a starfish…

Star Fish

Star Fish

And, finally…a crab…



Please don’t think I’m clever enough to come up with it on my own.  Oh, no…I got it out of a book called Calendar Kids: Handprint Quilts Throughout the Year by Marcia Layton.  Let’s see if I can get the picture to copy over…okay…it ended up at the top of the post!  Well, aren’t I clever?

I also had my darlings do green handprints and then made Christmas trees.  Bordered the print with Christmas fabric, micro-stippled around the trees.  It’s adorable…can I find a picture for you?  No!  Oh well, maybe next time!

Dinner’s ready.  Leftovers.  Not that much fun but at least the fridge will be a little emptier.

Have a lovely evening!


2 responses to “Handprints in Quilting

  1. Hi Heather,
    Once in a while I google “handprint quilts” just to see what is out there on the internet and I was delighted to see that you have found my book and used it for your quilts. I love your version of the undersea quilt. ‘Love the quilted bubbles too. When I first started making the handprint quilts, I really couldn’t do any free motion quilting, so I straight line quilted around all of the seams and then handquilted around the handprints. I always thought the quilts would look better with some more quilting. I’m glad you’ve tried some of the other ideas, too. I have plans for a 3rd book of designs, but don’t know what decade that will materialize! I tend to be big on ideas and slow on completing projects. Just thought I would say hi and let you know that you made my day !

    • quiltingcomfort

      Marcia! What an honor to have you find my humble projects! I’m glad that they made your day. Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic ideas. As I’ve shared them with others they are filled with delight. I think you are like most quilters…you know the saying, “Too much fabric, too little time…and money for that matter!” I look forward to the 3rd book, whenever it should be completed, and would love to quilt any samples for it!!
      Thank you for stopping by!!

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