The “Fuzzy”!

Projects…it seems that once I get one out of my head another one pops in!  Sometimes I’ve got several going at once but with life happening at the same time I don’t get as much done as I would like.  I got this really great idea in my head a few weeks back.  Finally I made it to the shop for all the bits and this is the result:

Minkee Blanket with Cotton Binding and Pillowcase to Match

Minkee Blanket with Cotton Binding and Pillowcase to Match

Minkee is a soft material.  This one is double-sided.  I always felt it a shame to put one side inside a quilt!  I decided to just bind it and see how that turns out.



The thing with these pictures is you can’t see the true color of the blanket (a light mint green, which sounds horrid but is quite nice).  In this picture it looks light yellow!  Here’s another picture:

Even closer close-up

Even closer close-up

Here’s a good picture of the binding. You even get an idea of the texture of the Minkee!

Both of my darlings have one of these.  They got one at each of their birthdays last year.  Abi first because her birthday is in August.  She was so excited to have a soft blanket for her bed.  Chloe was mad and kept convincing Abi to let her borrow it.

Then we gave Chloe hers in November.  That blanket went everywhere!  She even tried to take it to the car once!  We started telling her that she couldn’t take it off her bed.

It was Chloe who gave it the name “Fuzzy”.  Her blanket is yellow so she calls it Fuzzy Yellow.  Abi’s is baby pink so she calls it Fuzzy Pink.  This new blanket is Fuzzy Green and I’ve just finished a white one…which is, of course, Fuzzy White.

I guess, technically, it doesn’t fall into the category of “quilting”.  However, all the techniques I use in these blankets and pillowcases are ones I learned while learning to quilt.

They make great baby gifts and gifts for children.  Children love blankets as much as books.  Soft somethings to take around with them will certainly be treasured…at any rate, you can take a look at it on my Etsy web site and be sure to keep an eye out for more!


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