Coconut Curry Chicken Stew

When I decided to go gluten and dairy free a very good friend of mine gave me a stack of recipes.  This has turned out to be our favorite.

Talk about delicious.  Serve it with brown rice (yes, brown rice…white rice is so bland in comparison to brown and doesn’t complement the curry at all) and you’ve got a very satisfying and delicious meal.

3 or 4 large chicken breasts, cut into small chunks

a couple of glugs of olive oil

small onion chopped up

Put all three of these items in a large pot and cook until no pink remains.

Add 1 can coconut milk (I use Trader Joe’s) and 1 to 2 teaspoons of curry

Simmer until the chicken becomes tender.  Then add 1/2 cup raisins, 1 green apple chopped up, 1 large carrot (or two large handfuls of “baby” carrots) chopped up.  Cook until veggies are tender.

It’s done!!  That’s it…no more!  If your chicken is cooked ahead of time and in the freezer just pull it out and cut your cook time by about 10 minutes.  Superb!


One response to “Coconut Curry Chicken Stew

  1. sounds simple to make and delicious .. Laila ..

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