Hand-Dyed Fabrics

I’ve been going through my stash lately really looking at all my fabrics and wondering, “Will I ever find something to make with you?”  Then I came across my fat quarter stash.  It’s pretty puny, really.  Very little actually matching…I joined a Birthday Fat Quarter Swap with WASIQ (Washington State Internet Quilters) and had a lot of fun picking fabrics for others.  When I got my pack I ripped into it…what amazing fabrics!  I put girlie fabrics (polka dots, stripes, etc), pretty florals…and I can’t remember what else.  All the amazing fabrics I got!  I’ve been looking at them wondering…”What can I make with you?”  And then my eyes rested on…

My hand-dyed fabrics…dyed by yours truly.  :o)  That’s right!  I dyed them myself.  It was a lot of fun!  Here’s a picture…

Gradient Yellow to Blue

Gradient Yellow to Blue

Pretty amazing stuff I tell you.  There were 8 buckets.  At one end we had turquoise and at the other end there was yellow.  Then you add a bit of color to each of the buckets…I’m explaining that horribly.  But, this is the end result.  Every bucket had turquoise and yellow in it but in varying amounts.  Oh…what to make!?!

Here’s another:



Aren’t they gorgeous?  More buckets…but this time there were just straight colors in them.  I chose a white fabric with the white butterflies printed on it.  The white printed butterflies actually picked up some of the dye so they are a lighter shade of color than the fabric!  I can’t wrap my mind around a possible creation with only four of these brightly colored fat quarters!

Plastic Bag Dyeing

Plastic Bag Dyeing

These are darker.  Obviously the red, then blue, then a funky green and the last is a dark cherry color.  The dyes were mixed, put into plastic ziplock bags then the plain white fabric was added.  The lighter areas are the parts of the fabric that were touching the plastic bag…the darker areas were completely submerged in dye.  So delicious!

More dyed fabrics

More dyed fabrics

Another example of white on white.  The white print did not take any of the dye, though.  It stands out a lot on these materials.  The green is pretty fantastic but I love the blues.  I’m a blue-girl…and a yellow-girls too.  :o)



Sideways but you still get the idea.  The bottom one is purple, then red, then blue.  I loved this fabric before it was dyed.  Not so much now!  :o(  Oh well…the white print didn’t stand out as much as I had hoped and the colors aren’t very Christmasy.  Not to mention someone accidentally took my fourth fat quarter and I’m short a color…probably green.

The best part of hand-dyeing is discovering all the fun colors that you can make yourself.  The hardest part is washing it all out.  You do not want to put it in your washing machine so each piece gets done by hand in the sink or bath tub.  If you plan your projects well you could make some really spectacular quilts with hand-dyed fabric!

I’m thinking of putting some of these on Etsy…they’re just sitting in my closet and deserve to have something fun made out of them!


2 responses to “Hand-Dyed Fabrics

  1. Nice! I love your hand dyeds.

  2. Isn’t dying fabric fun and addictive!? I love your butterfly prints. The colors will work perfectly in a quilt.

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