ECRC & Hospice Memorial Service, Prescott AZ

Don’t you just love it when work that you put into a project is dearly and heartily appreciated?  If you’ve been reading any of my posts about the American Flag Rag Quilt you’ll know what I mean.  The service was yesterday (Friday May 22, 2009) and was in memorial of all the service men and women who passed away while in their care.  My aunt took video and, once I’m able to do so, will get it posted along with pictures.  Here’s what my Grandpa had to say in an email to those of us in the family unable to attend:

The Memorial celebration was held in the VA theatre building and was done in a really nice manner showing pictures of all the Veterans who had passed away while in the care of the ECRC and the Hospice.
I made the presentation of the Quilt Flag to Dr. .Walavacher and to Lori the Head of the ECRC who was the one responsible for keeping your mom and sister in the care of the VA until her passing.
If you remember she was supposed to be released to a nursing facility outside the VA but Lori kept returning her to the emergency ward for evaluation and then she was sent to the ECRC until finally she went to the Hospice.
Lori let her believe she was going home so she wouldn’t give up and so we had her another six months and I am really grateful to her for that.
They had a flag ceremony, the bagpipe was played and there were pictures of all the deceased rotated on the theatre screen as all the names were read, then there was there presentation of the flag and plaque in Junes Honor and when it was held up for viewing there was a long and loud applause which really made Patty and I tear up.
I will go again next year.
Patty took pictures which she will send and when it is displayed in the hospital I will take some for all to see.
Dad, Gpa, Jay     I love you all.”

Love and appreciation are simple and easy to convey.


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