Stack ‘n Whack

Stack 'n Whack Blocks

Stack 'n Whack Blocks


Oh yeah!  It worked!!  The two previous times I tried to post a picture my internet provider crashed.

So there you have it…my first Stack ‘n Whack.  Such a funny name for a quilting technique.  I told my Dad and he laughed!  (What do you think, Daddy?)

The fabric is by Valori Wells.  I am not really a fan of these types of fabrics.  But while I was looking for fabrics I wanted several things: a fabric I don’t normally choose (manufacturer, designer, style), a lot of different colors, big print for defined pinwheels.  I think this fabric accomplishes it very nicely!

Here’s a close-up of each one:

Block 1

Block 1

This was the first one I put together.  The teacher, Carol Maddox, had the outside corners on the inside originally and everyone agreed they really liked that.  Then when I got the blue cut out she asked to see what it looked like with the green corners inside next to the blue.  Everyone liked that one better.  Okay, check this one out:

Block 2

Block 2

Pretty, isn’t it?  I like the way the green leaf seems to be crawling to the inside of the block.

Block 3

Block 3

My favorite so far.  The red petals really define the pinwheel, don’t you think?

Block 4

Block 4

I love how the colors fill almost entirely the whole triangle using the white as accent.

There are several quilting techniques that I’ve not tried yet and this was one of them.  I like trying new things.  My ability grows, challenges what I all ready know, gives me the opportunity to get better at what I do.  Not to mention it’s really darn fun!  I realized with this quilt I don’t want to follow the teachers finishing instructions.  I’m going to make smaller pinwheels that will be set inside the quilt and around the edges with different background fabrics.  It’s going to be a stunning quilt and I’m looking forward to the finished product!

I’ve been working a lot lately on a lot of different projects.  My goal is to get them finished up for quilt shows this fall.  We’ll see…I’ve got two shorties running around wanting my time!

Happy Quilting!


2 responses to “Stack ‘n Whack

  1. where can i find this pattern . i love everyone of the blocks awesome Rachel

    • Rachel,

      Goodness, I’m sorry for not replying. I had a new web site with a blog made and haven’t checked this one. This pattern comes from a book called ‘Stack ‘n Whack’. I don’t know who wrote it. I took a class from a friend. Isn’t it fun?!? If you go to your local quilt shop they will know exactly what you are talking about.

      Have fun!

      ~ h

      p.s. all the blocks are now finished and I’m in the process of finishing the piecing. :o)

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