Kindergarten Graduation

Chloe, my oldest, “graduated” from kindergarten today.  Actually, where my girls go to school, it is called Fly-Up.  Really cute stuff, I’ve got to tell you!  The school makes it a huge deal of it.

The kids invite parents, grandparents and other important people.  They are picked up in their classroom at 12:30 by a parent (there’s a huge bag filled with school goodies for the car), get changed into nice clothes, then everyone heads to the gym.  The kids run around with their friends and there is an abundance of pictures.  We’ve got several of our darling with her friends!  Big grins an almost triumphant atmosphere as parents talked and kids happily played.

We were then called to attention.  A short announcement, listen to the first-graders sing a couple of songs then our little darlings had their moment in the limelight.  How can one’s heart not soar listening to their little voices?  It was everything I had to not cry!

After the songs were finished, the kids were lined up and everyone was given instructions (including the parents).  One child from each class was going to be called in turn.  One from one class, the next from the other class until the last child.  The kindergartener would approach their teacher, take their certificate in their left hand and shake their teachers hand with their right while looking at their parent for a picture moment.

The grins were huge!  Some of those darlings have a hard time smiling on cue for the camera and they actually looked in pain.  One little boy had gotten himself changed into a nice button up shirt.  Only one button managed to get buttoned and that one button in the wrong hole!  He smiled so big!!  It was adorable.

Chloe ended up being the very last child.  She didn’t seem too put out and her smile, in my own opinion, was the biggest and the brightest.  One of the stars in my life…she’s so big and so little at the same time!  When did she get so smart?  How did her arms and legs get so long?  Has six years really gone by so quickly?  I’m amazed!

Tomorrow, when I’ve got a few minutes to breathe, I’ll download some pictures.  There’s several projects I’ve been working on for customers and myself.  There are three baby wall hangings that I need to get bindings and casings on then onto Etsy.  A customers quilt that turned out better than I expected.  And I’ve got more coming!

It’s going to be a wonderful summer!!


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