Shop Hop hopping

The girls and I were able to get a little bit of shop hopping in yesterday afternoon.  My regular Thursday committment was cancelled and the sitter came down with strep so we had a little free time!

The Western Washington Shop Hop started on Wednesday (June 24th) and runs through Sunday the 18th.  I’m constantly amazed at the amount of women (and men, for that matter) get into cars, vans and buses to drive from shop to shop over 5 days.  Last year I did 8 or 9 with Abi, the littlest.  This year we will make it to 8, unless I can sneak a few in here and there over the next couple of days.  Highly unlikely though.

My assessment thus far:

The Quilting Loft ~ located in Ballard/Seattle is a great shop.  A lot of wonderful quilts up and the fabrics were fantastic.  A lot of Moda, lines I haven’t seen in other local shops, and contemporary (Amy Butler, Valori Wells, etc).  I loved that it was smallish but not overwhelmingly packed.  Great selection of patterns too.

Quiltworks Northwest ~ located in downtown Bellevue.  A huge shop with a massive selection of beads!  They had a special get one free fat quarter when you spend over $25.  Easy to do, I found two fabrics I’ve been looking for.  A wonderful area for children to play in and the girls made a friend there.  Classrooms were very spacious.  Great location and easy to get to!

Pieces Quilt Shop ~ located in Renton.  Surprisingly short on fabric!  As a matter of fact every time I go in there they seem to have less and less.  A lot of quilts on the walls and, as always, a very generous selection of books.

Carriage Country Quilts ~ located in Des Moines.  I love going into this shop.  The very wide variety of fabrics makes for a good time to wander look, touch and dream.  But, when short on time, it is quickly and easily overwhelming.  My favorite feature of this shop is the fantastic use of the shop.  The shop is an old house and every room has different fabrics: 30’s repros in the bathroom, novelty and flannel in the back bedroom, etc.

Calico Cat and Bernina ~ located in Auburn.  I have mixed feelings about this shop.  A wonderful selection of fabrics and patterns, plus notions (my youngest liked playing in the buttons) but it was crammed with stuff…or at least feels that way because the ceiling is so low.  The prices are expensive…$11 per yard for some fabrics!!  I was astounded as that is more expensive then the shop in Bellevue.

Quilt Barn ~ located in Puyallup.  Our last stop for the day.  The girls said they love The Quilt Barn and I tend to concur.  Great selection of fabrics, a little more expensive then a couple of other shops I frequent but they’ve got a wide selection so I’m happy to pay the little extra.  Plus their new location is bigger, brighter and easy to get to off of Hwy 410.

Undercover Quilts ~ located in Pike Place Market, downtown Seattle.  Fun locations, definitely a destination shop (I certainly wouldn’t say, “I need _______.  Let’s go to Undercover Quilts!”)  It is small, crammed BUT the beautiful quilts they have for sale are a definite up-side.  They have a wonderful selection of novelty fabrics too.  Parking’s a bear but if you’re patient and are willing to pay and walk then you’re in for a treat.

The other two shops I anticipate getting to are Evergreen Quilting and Trains & Fabrics, Etc but I’m in those shops all the time and could write a bit about them.  However, my darling natives are getting restless and I need a shower so off I go!


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