Three More Shops Today!

The girls were up for it and my husband was happy to have some time at home so away we went!

Parkland Parish Quilt Co. ~ located in Parkland.  I love the ambience of this shop.  It is an old church, or parish, hence the name.  They’ve got bolts of fabric standing on end in the old pews and all sorts of fun bits and pieces laying around.  We went into the basement where they’ve a wonderful selection of sale fabrics.

Wild Rose Quilt Shop ~ located in Orting.  By far one of my favorite shops hands down.  The owners are fantastic and friendly.  The shop is inviting and smells wonderful (instead of sizing).  I love the fabrics, too!

Creative Quilter ~ located in Graham.  Once you get past Puyallup (can we say ‘boo’ to Meridian traffic?) you hit Graham.  Then you get to Creative Quilter.  I wasn’t too keen on the set-up.  Little backroom where they were doing the stamping, plus the sale fabrics, plus the sale kits, plus refreshments…impossible to navigate let alone look at anything.  It’s one redeeming quality was they had two fabrics that I figured were long gone.  My general assessment…not worth the drive but if I needed more of the fabric I would be happy to call and have them mail it to me.

I worked at Evergreen Quilting this afternoon.  It was busy with men, women and children coming and going but a lot of fun catching up with friends.  Shop Hop is such a unique time!


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