Shop Hop Hopping ~ 17 Total!

We finished our shop hopping!  There are some wonderful shops here in Western Washington.  I would’ve loved to get to all 57!  Here’s the additional 7 that we visited:

Bayside Quilting ~ Located in Olympia.  This shop is the longarm half of Bayside Quilting.  They had pantographs, stencils, batting, wide-back fabrics…all sorts of wonderful things.  Being a longarm quilter I controlled myself, but I must say it was very hard!

Baside Quilting 2 ~ Located in Olympia…four blocks from the first shop!  The girls and I decided to walk and it was a very short walk.  The shop was filled with fabric!  I loved it!!  The girls enjoyed looking at all the pretty fabrics.  The best part:  They were having a prize drawing and I won!!  I never win anything so it was even more fun!

Pfaff Creative Sewing Center ~ Located in Lacy.  I’m not sure what was going on in this shop.  It is a sewing machine shop but it felt as if the fabric was an afterthought…and not even a very good one at that.  Small selection of faric a lot of sewing machines!

Shibori Dragon ~ Located in Lakewood.  I love Shibori.  Anything Asian you can certainly get it here.  Plus they’ve got beads, crystals, stencils, thread…and so much more.  Great place to go for that Asian influence!

Trains, Fabrics, Etc. ~ Located in Tacoma.  Banana anyone?  If you can’t find a fabric anywhere else, check Trains!  Always friendly, a great place for advice or stop in for a chat.  During Shop Hop you even get a banana!

Harbor Quilts ~ Located in Gig Harbor.  This shop feels a lot like Wild Rose Quilts in Orting.  A lot of Moda, florals, brights and I love the novelty question.  If I could I would pick a corner and move in!

After awhile the quilt shops all start to look the same.  Then you jump onto the ferry and head to Island Quilters on Vashon Island.

Island Quilters ~ Located on Vashon Island.  On a hot day you get a breezy trip on the ferry.  Once you get off there is a pleasant 20 or so minute drive into the little town center on Vashon.  Don’t blink or you’ll drive right by Island Quilters!  Be sure to call ahead if there are quite a lot of you travelling together.  They’ll phone the restaurant on the corner and make reservations for you.  There will also be a 10% discount on lunch!  I loved this shop.  It was a breathe of fresh air in the set-up.  A lot of fabric (4200+ bolts) but the way it is displayed is far from overwhelming.  Surprisingly short on finished quilts but it doesn’t deter from the overall quiltie feeling of the shop.  The owners are lovely and pleasant, the lighting is fantastic and, if you can’t find something in this shop I would be very surprised.  Be sure to stop by if you vacationing in Washington…you won’t want to miss it!

So concludes the Western Washington Shop Hop of 2009.  I enjoyed myself.  My daughters enjoyed themselves and, hopefully, you’ll come by next year and enjoy it too!

Happy Quilting!


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