Kids Memory Pillows

Once again, I’m on the handprint theme.  Thinking of introducing it to Etsy…please tell me what you think!

Handprint Pillows

Handprint Pillows

I’ve been experimenting with pictures so please excuse the quality.  Here’s the idea:

I place the pillow on Etsy.  You purchase a special order, picking paint color, fabric and animal or other “thing”.  I send you the paint, fabric and detailed instructions.  You do the handprint and send the fabric back to me.  I then embellish and make the pillow then you get the finished project in the mail.



Yesterday one of the children picked up his pillow and he was so excited.  He didn’t want to let go of it!  And can you blame him?  Isn’t this octopus adorable?  You’ll even get a fabric pen, that needs to be returned, so your child can sign his/her name on the project.



There’s another variation on the theme.  It’s a wallhanging…

Sea Anemone

Sea Anemone

I love this idea more than the pillows.  Imagine for a moment getting the handprint of each of your children and having a wallhanging made for a grandparent.  Or a thank you gift for a teacher…the options are endless…so please leave a message and tell me what you think!


2 responses to “Kids Memory Pillows

  1. I think it’s a great idea! It’s at least worth a try. It never hurts to try. And they’re so cute! Good luck with it.

  2. I think it is a great idea! Love the blue octopus!

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