UFO Finished!! (and something funny!)

In our family we try to laugh a lot.  There’s been a lot in the last year that has been very difficult so laughing has become a cure-all.  Having said that I also need to share that we have a wonderful garden filled with tomatoes, celery, snap peas, bell pepper, zucchini, green beans, carrots, and potatoes.  We’ve been enjoying a lot of the veggies except the potatoes which my husband pulled up a few days ago.  Getting tired of looking at them sitting on the counter I washed them up to make potato soup.  This is what I discovered under all the dirt on the first potato.



I laughed.  Called my husband over.  He laughed (and I laughed some more).  Then we called the girls over.  They laughed.  My husband grabbed the camera and I posted it on facebook.  There was one party-pooper who said it didn’t look like a butt…other than that there were a variety of amusing comments.  We still chuckle when we look at the photo.  I mean, how can you not?!?

All right, on to more serious matters.  Shall we?

In 2007 a friend of mine agreed to watching my darling girls while I was helping at the quilt shop up the street during the Shop Hop.  We agreed that instead of paying her I would make her a quilt.  She came in picked out some fabrics, then I supplemented with some more and I started.

I got this wild and crazy idea (before I knew better) that it would be fun to do pinwheels.  So, I cut the fabric into 2″ squares.  Did I mention that I didn’t know better?  Well I then started sewing pinwheels.  5 days and 3 blocks (each block was made with 4 sets of pinwheels) later I was tired and bored so put them away.  A couple of months later I pulled them out and worked some more.  When I got 5 blocks done I thought, “This is insanity.  What was I thinking?!?”  I put it away…for a very long time.

Fast forward at least a year…more like two.  I pulled it out again contemplating the dilemna I got myself into…what to do?  WHAT TO DO?!?  Ah-ha!  I’ll make a rag quilt with them.  So…I started sewing squares together.  And I sewed and I sewed…and I sewed and…I put it away.  I was tired of sewing.  However, after about six months of storage I pulled it out and got another good chunk knocked out.  Better…not done, but better.

Then came the kick in the pants (as in last week…before we went to Bend for the weekend).  The message from my friend, “When’s my quilt going to be done?  Can I pick it up next week?”  NEXT WEEK!!!  Hmmm…okay.  She deserves this so I’m going to go for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to say that it is finished!  No more to be done!!

UFO Block Up Close

UFO Block Up Close

Not bad, if I do say so myself.  She picked it up about 5 hours ago and she said, “This is better than I expected!!”  She had thought of all that it would look like and this surpassed all her imaginings.  Yeah!!  I’m so glad!!

UFO Front

UFO Front

The good news is:  Almost all the fabric that I purchased, aside from my initial start, was used up!!  I have about 7 little squares and a couple feed of the binding.  Yes, I bound it vs. clipping the edges.

UFO Back

UFO Back

The backing fabric was a white Lakehouse with different colored dots.  I ran out before I completely finished.  As a result I used another fabric with the same purples, yellows, pinks and oranges for the outside borders.  I didn’t have enough for the top and bottom but I think it turned out beautifully.

She’s a happy girl and I feel as if a burden has been lifted.  As a result I’ve finished 10 blocks of my stack ‘n whack.  Can I just say that I’m good at getting in over my head.  Wait until you see the amount of blocks for the stack ‘n whack.  You’ll agree that I’m crazy!!

Happy Quilting!


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