You Are My Sunshine ~ Handprint Quilt

Every once in awhile I get a great idea.  In its early stages it’s very vague.  Usually the main idea is clear but everything surrounding it is…foggy.  So, I tackle the part that is clear, chewing on the next part.  Often I will need to set it aside for clarity on the oncoming steps.  In the end I am, most of the time, pleased with the results.  Nothing was different about “You Are My Sunshine”.

You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

The handprints came from my youngest daughters Pre-K class last school year.  They were so happy to print happy yellow hands!!  I then took a picture of them and that is the middle block.

Handprint Close-up

Handprint Close-up

Each handprint is labeled with the childs name.  I did swirls around each handprint for the sun rays.  More swirls in the sashings and a fun star quilted in each of the stars.

Back of the handprint

Back of the handprint

It was a lot of swirls.  Because this quilt is being judged at the Innovations Quilt Show I’m a bit concerned about some of the things I find to be…not quite…right.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve come to accept my imperfections as purely human.  But there are things my inexperience simply didn’t take into consideration.  Oh well…it’s all a learning experience, right?!?  Next time, I tell myself, I will do such and such differently.

I’m proud of my work though.  It turned out quite nicely!

The satisfaction of a completed quilt which people enjoy…it can’t be matched.  Makes me think of how my Maker must’ve felt about me when he finished his work.

I’ll let you know how it did in the show!

Happy Quilting1


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