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Log Cabin Hidden Stars Class

Before I write any more I do need to say that this quilt came from Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. Fun quilt, once you get through the instructions. A bit muddled at times and it took me a bit of time to work out that each strip needs to be cut individually, trimming is a necessity and not working ahead of yourself a must.

So here are pictures of the blocks…when my husband is functioning I’ll have him hold up the top for a full pic of the block.

Notice that in all of the pictures, the first log is to the left of the center.  And there are total of three logs on each side of center.

Blocks 1, 4, 13 & 16

These four blocks have one set of points for the stars. They are in the bottom right hand corner.

Blocks 3, 5, 12, & 14

Although similar to the next block they are different because the star points are both at the bottom of the block.  There are two sets of star points with two white squares.

Blocks 2, 8, 9 & 15

See how it looks the same?  The biggest difference is the star points are aligned on the right side of the block.  Still two sets of points, just different positioning.  Be sure to not get them confused!

Blocks 6, 7, 10 & 11

Last blocks!  These four make up the inside of the quilt top.  There are four sets of star points, one at each corner.  Once again alignment is very important!

For those who have taken the class.  Remember to take your time if necessary.  Call me with questions!  And keep an eye (and ear) out for the Strip Club coming soon to The Wild Rose Quilt Shop & Retreat!!