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Strip Club at The Wild Rose

Starting in January we’re going to be having a Strip Club at The Wild Rose Quilt Shop & Retreat (for more information click here).  Yippee!!  We’re going to be getting a little wild and crazy with our 2 1/2″ strips!  With your $35.00 registration you’ll get Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott plus another super top secret squirrel treat.

Pandora's Box

This is our first project.  It’s bigger than a lap quilt but not quite big enough or a twin size bed.  There will borders added to it.  Outside of the borders this project is made entirely from a Jelly Roll…

What do you think our February project will be??


My New Studio

The day before we moved one of my customers, Nancy Boyd, called.  She said they had a finished, heated basement with a private entrance and bathroom.  It was available if I wanted to move my studio there.  You see, as our move was necessary, it meant that my quilting frame was going to be in one town the rest of my “stuff” was going to be about 45 minutes away in another town.  Not ideal!

The Lounge

Nancy’s offer was too good to be true.  The basement was not quite finished (see, no carpet!) but it definitely is good enough.  I’ve got my microwave on cart, a tv with vcr for my little darlings, my rack with fabric and other necessities, my Koala Cabinet, Tin Lizzie, rocking chair, bookshelf and so on.

Rack with Stash and Stuff

Lizzie Frame and Koala Cabinet

Corner with Rocking Chair and Shelves

So there’s your little tour of my new studio.  It’s  bit messy, having just moved and hit the ground running with quilting.  Hopefully, I’ll get it a bit more organized here soon.

Mariners Compass Quilt

I’ve not had the honor of quilting one of these quilts before.

32 Point Mariner Compass

There are nine 32 point compasses (compassi??) and 16 eight point compass.  Whew!  It’s taken me several days but I’m nearly finished.

Scroll work in the Top Border

Then the little compasses.  You may ask why the medium stipple (meander)?  The customers suggestion and we’ve got a shortage of time.  This is a Christmas gift.  As I started quilting I was thinking all the fantastic things I could’ve done with a little more time.

Small 8-Point Compass

I used Madeira Polyester thread.  This is a miracle as any polyester thread I used before broke…a lot!  One small adjustment to my machine and voila!!  It’s turning out so nicely!  Here’s the Large 32-Point Compass:

Large 32-Point Compass

Can you see the quilting?  Hmm…here’s another:

Large 32-Point Compass

With a bit of determination the rest will be finished tomorrow!

New Studio! New Pantograph!!

To make a seriously long story short, we had to move house.  Not fun.  It’s been three and a half years since the last and I remembered why I didn’t enjoy it.

My new studio is lovely!  All my “stuff” fits into one room.  I even have room to walk around my quilting frame!  This is exciting for me.  I used to have to pull it out from the wall to do pantographs.

After Christmas I will be sure to take photos of my new space and get them posted for y’all to see.

As for pantographs…I got four new ones from Urban Elementz.  Of course, they came just in time for Christmas quilting.  So this one is called Curlz and is going on a quilt made by Corina Hills for her daughter for Christmas.

Curlz Pantograph by Urban Elementz

Can y’all see the quilting?  Well, I decided that I absolutely love it!  Much better than my original thought, which was a plain old heart panto (not very creative).

Tomorrow this quilt will be finished and, hopefully, I’ll get the next one on and photographed for you…hopefully!!