New Studio! New Pantograph!!

To make a seriously long story short, we had to move house.  Not fun.  It’s been three and a half years since the last and I remembered why I didn’t enjoy it.

My new studio is lovely!  All my “stuff” fits into one room.  I even have room to walk around my quilting frame!  This is exciting for me.  I used to have to pull it out from the wall to do pantographs.

After Christmas I will be sure to take photos of my new space and get them posted for y’all to see.

As for pantographs…I got four new ones from Urban Elementz.  Of course, they came just in time for Christmas quilting.  So this one is called Curlz and is going on a quilt made by Corina Hills for her daughter for Christmas.

Curlz Pantograph by Urban Elementz

Can y’all see the quilting?  Well, I decided that I absolutely love it!  Much better than my original thought, which was a plain old heart panto (not very creative).

Tomorrow this quilt will be finished and, hopefully, I’ll get the next one on and photographed for you…hopefully!!


One response to “New Studio! New Pantograph!!

  1. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to pick it up. Thank you!!!!

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