Mariners Compass Quilt

I’ve not had the honor of quilting one of these quilts before.

32 Point Mariner Compass

There are nine 32 point compasses (compassi??) and 16 eight point compass.  Whew!  It’s taken me several days but I’m nearly finished.

Scroll work in the Top Border

Then the little compasses.  You may ask why the medium stipple (meander)?  The customers suggestion and we’ve got a shortage of time.  This is a Christmas gift.  As I started quilting I was thinking all the fantastic things I could’ve done with a little more time.

Small 8-Point Compass

I used Madeira Polyester thread.  This is a miracle as any polyester thread I used before broke…a lot!  One small adjustment to my machine and voila!!  It’s turning out so nicely!  Here’s the Large 32-Point Compass:

Large 32-Point Compass

Can you see the quilting?  Hmm…here’s another:

Large 32-Point Compass

With a bit of determination the rest will be finished tomorrow!


One response to “Mariners Compass Quilt

  1. Heather I love it. This is fabulous! Thank you so much. You’re incredible.

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