My New Studio

The day before we moved one of my customers, Nancy Boyd, called.  She said they had a finished, heated basement with a private entrance and bathroom.  It was available if I wanted to move my studio there.  You see, as our move was necessary, it meant that my quilting frame was going to be in one town the rest of my “stuff” was going to be about 45 minutes away in another town.  Not ideal!

The Lounge

Nancy’s offer was too good to be true.  The basement was not quite finished (see, no carpet!) but it definitely is good enough.  I’ve got my microwave on cart, a tv with vcr for my little darlings, my rack with fabric and other necessities, my Koala Cabinet, Tin Lizzie, rocking chair, bookshelf and so on.

Rack with Stash and Stuff

Lizzie Frame and Koala Cabinet

Corner with Rocking Chair and Shelves

So there’s your little tour of my new studio.  It’s  bit messy, having just moved and hit the ground running with quilting.  Hopefully, I’ll get it a bit more organized here soon.


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