Starz Pantograph by Urban Elementz

A customer of mine, Vicki, sent me an email.  She had another quilt for me.  Yippee!!  (Who can complain about getting another quilt?)

At any rate, she dropped it off at my studio when I wasn’t there.  So when I got a look at it I instantly thought of the Starz pantograph by Urban Elementz.  (By the way, if you are  longarm quilter and you’ve not checked out their pantos I highly suggest you do.  They’ve a wonderful selection, their sales are excellent, and the pantos themselves are really easy to use.)

Homespun Log Cabin by Vicki

Do you see why I chose this panto??  The panto has that rustic old-fashioned look that this quilt shares.  Almost…Americana.  So here are a few photos of the quilting part of the way through the quilt.

Starz Close-up

Starz Close-up

Let’s try another one.  I’m getting the hang of this camera thing but it’s still a bit touch and go at times.

Is this one better?

Is this one better?

And the final product…drum rolls please…

Finished Quilt

Finished Quilt

Well, you can’t see the quilting but you can certainly see the piecing!  Here’s what my customer had to say:

“The quilt is wonderful!  You did a great job quilting it and the choice of pattern and thread was perfect!  Thank you so very much for your wonderful (not to mention, quick!) work.  I so appreciate it.”  ~ Vicki Steffen

Homespun Log Cabin ~ Full View

Homespun Log Cabin ~ Full View

There you go!  I’ve got a few more bits and pieces to post…now if I could get them done the day they’re supposed to be you wouldn’t end up with three or four to read.



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