Table Runner Run Amok

I know this must happen to everybody who quilts.  Well, okay…maybe not everybody.  Before I digress, it goes something like this:

Buy fabric.  Find (or think, as in this case) of the perfect pattern for the fabric.  Start putting quilt together.  You cut, sew, frog-stitch, sew, cut, and audition.  Not right.  Okay…re-arrange.  Nope, that doesn’t work either.

You see, I had something like this in mind:

One Charm Pack Table Runner

One Charm Pack Table Runner

You see I came up with this runner and was quite pleased with myself.  So, I made five more (as samples for a  piecing and longarm quilting class).  Then I found the Frosted Memories charm packs.  They were simply delicious!!  Figured a long table runner would be perfect with those two little charm packs.

Yeah…not so much.  There just wasn’t enough red.  I couldn’t get the combos to work.  Boxing Day morning dawned and while laying in bed (very luxurious when you’ve got two shorties) I realized that maybe that fabric didn’t want to be a table runner.  Maybe it wanted to be something else.

Now, for those of you who are wondering, you’re right.  Fabric has no thoughts, it doesn’t talk like you and I and it certainly can’t tell me what it wants to be made into.  However, the art of creating is stepping back from that which is being created and “listening”.  I listen to myself and to my Creator but it takes a bit of “listening” to the media you’re using also.  I heard once (this is unsubstantiated, by the way, so don’t quote me) that Michelangelo would wait for the marble he was going to be working on to tell him what it wanted to be.

So, having said that here’s a picture of the finished quilt.  And it’s much better than any old table runner.   Heck!  The back is even cool!!

Frosted Memories Quilt

And a close-up of the quilting:

Quilting Close-up

Did you see the berries??  And now, here’s the back.  This is my first pieced back.  It turned out nicely considering it was my first.

Quilt Back

I think this makes a much nicer lap quilt than table runner.  The question is:  Will I find a charm pack that says, “Extra long table runner” to me??



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