My Five Pointed Flowers

Okay…so I keep telling myself to come up with a better name but it just ain’t happenin’!  If you have a suggestion I would love to hear it.

All right, the quilt:

Shirley's Quilt

Here it is finished.  There were quite a few batiks plus the back was a beautiful batik.  I wanted to come up with a quilting design that suited the quilt.  However, this quilt has been intended for a baby.  The size of the quilt is close to a lap quilt so…what to do??

I came up with my Five Pointed Flowers:

Five Pointed Flower

There’s also swirls and flowers…can you see them in this pic?

Five Pointed Flower Up Close

Oh yes…that’s a good photo of the swirls.

Here’s the story:  My dear customer, Shirley, brought this quilt to me.  Her mother had been working on it but, when asked what happened to it, she said she threw it out.  Shirley managed to get it before the garbage truck arrived (literally, it was in a bag by the garbage can).  She pulled it out of the rubbish, finished some of the seams and added a border.  That is when she brought it to me.

As it turns out her mother has macular degeneration (upon further research it has become apparent that I don’t want to have this when I get older) therefore making quilting a difficult, if not impossible task.  They both feel quite sick at heart that this may be her very last project.  I was very honored to finish it for her.  Several of us tried to convince Shirley have her mom keep it but…well, we shall see what happens.


4 responses to “My Five Pointed Flowers

  1. How about “Bejeweled” ?

  2. How sad that she was about to throw this out. It is a beautiful quilt and she should absolutely keep it. It might be bittersweet since it could be a reminder of what she can no longer do, but it is also a testament to the skill and ability she possessed. If Shirley is anything like me, she will probably want it herself as a memory.

    • quiltingcomfort

      Leigh, I agree with your sentiment. Shirley is going to be involving her with parts of the process she can manage such as picking out fabrics and helping with quilting designs. My hope and prayer is that both Shirley and her mom find this new part of their lives satisfying once they settle in.

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