When It Just Doesn’t Turn Out Right

Darn it.  I hate it when that happens.  When you have such high hopes for a quilt but it doesn’t turn out quite right and you can’t see it until you are nearly finished.

I was on a time crunch of sorts and the quilt was for the shop, not for me, which makes it very different.  If it been for me or a gift I was giving away I would’ve taken it apart and changed a few fabrics.  But, alas…

Ugly Quilt

The fabrics all on their own are quite beautiful and, with the exception of the stripe, are all from the same line.  However, I should’ve left the black out.  Either that or placed them better, probably should’ve had one more square, and made one of the borders black to tie it in.

But now it’s hanging in the shop! (argh!)  A constant memory that it just didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.  Oh well!

But it brings me to the next two quilts I’m working on…


2 responses to “When It Just Doesn’t Turn Out Right

  1. Heck – I like it that way!

    Besides, it’s not quilted yet. Why not quilt the black squares with a variegated pink/white or even a solid, pale pink thread? Then bind it with a fine striped pink/black/white fabric. The contrast would be beautiful.

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