Family Crest or I’m Crazy ~ Part 2

Maybe this project will compel me to blog daily.  As I’ve been working consistently on this project for four days now (only one of which is actual stitching) I’m not doing too badly.  And I got more accomplished last night than originally anticipated.

Family Crest ~ Black Crest on White Background

I can’t believe I’ve gotten as far as I have!  The thread I am using is by Aurifil and is working like an absolute dream.  It is really fine but sturdy.

Work Completed

I’ve got to tell you those little corners are killing me!  However, the more I do the better I got.  Really looking forward to the long lines of the shield.

Let me give you an idea of how much is to be done.  Once the black is down I’ve got purple accents to put in the swirls on the sides of the shield, gold on the shield, a grey helmet and, of course, a dog with a leash over the flat bit at the top of the crest.  Let’s see if I can get a photo of the crest…

Barnes Family Crest

There you go!  I actually did it!!  So yeah…that’s how much work is to go.  And I just realized there’s a big white spot I forgot.  Hmmm…well, isn’t that going to be interesting??


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