Family Crest or I’m Crazy ~ Part 3

One day soon, I’m going to forget the title or get my “part” out of sequence.  If so please feel free to correct me!

The stitching is coming along.  Tonight, though, my husband and I decided to look for a reasonably priced hotel or B&B for a weekend so I ditched the applique.  I think it’ll be okay!

Family Crest ~ Part 3

So here it is, my friends.  What do you think??  It’s pretty amazing that I’ve gotten this far in a reasonably short amount of time.  About four hours down.  Okay, so four hours down and I’ve got about…well, we won’t be thinking about that now will we?!  ;o)

Up Close of Applique

Okay…so one little funny bump on the flat edge of the shield but that’s okay.  It could’ve been worse!

Well, then…more tomorrow!


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